Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Embroidered Cards

For a while now I've been admiring the gorgeous hand embroidered cards that my Cardi-ologist friends Susan & Desiré make. When we were at a recent WISH (Women In Stamping Heaven) meeting in Joburg, I invested in 3 lovely Hobbyjournaal Newspapers which are brimming with embroidery patterns and card making ideas. The only hitch is that they're in Dutch, but knowing Afrikaans helps, as I can fathom out majority of the instructions.
This is the first card I made from one of the patterns in the newsy...I have 2 spools of multicoloured cotton, so they're going to come in very useful with all the patterns I've photostatted and covered with DC Fix to protect them. The Christmas Baubles in the picture are wonderfully South African and go perfectly with all the colours.

This Butterfly card is the next one I've made.

Then I made this circular one for my hubby Gavin for his birthday. The circle pic was cut from an old commercial card and matches the green and blue cotton so well!

Then I sewed this unusual design card using a pinkish multicolour cotton for the most part. The pic I coloured in with pencil crayons ages ago & have now finally found the perfect frame for it.

I think I'm hooked on Embroidered Cards. I bought 2 more Dutch books recently and there are some stunning designs to try. Watch this space...

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