Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's been a while...

I can't believe it, more than a year has passed since I last blogged!
Still on the theme of embroidered cards, I made lots last year and am still loving making them. I went mad at the year-end sale at Margo Middeljans and bought LOTS of 3D pics to cut out and booklets with gorgeous patterns. I've photostatted them all, but still have to cover them with DC Fix before I can prick the patterns.
 A few friends and myself went to visit Paola in Joburg and spent the day punching out borders on pre-cut cardstock that we took along with us. When you embroider inside this kind of edging, you have to be careful of the cotton - it keeps catching and sometimes bends your cardstock in a scary way!
 How to use corner peel-offs in-between the embroidered patterns.
 This lovely vintage picture was from a sheet I also bought at Margo's.
Incorporating an old technique - a shaker box made from a miniature calendar picture.

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