Friday, September 17, 2010

New Revived Reject Cards

Those who have known me for a long time now know that I seldom throw anything away - especially 'blapses' (cards with mistakes on them!) I have a friend, Jools who has been helping me make Florist cards for quite a while now and as happens with handmade items, there are sometimes smudges that happen with the stamping, or a bit of unwanted ink appears. I told Jools that we have a Reject Florist Cards box that I started a long time ago and that she must just add to it and not feel guilty!

Here's an example of one of our ranges of Florist Cards...we get our cardstock cut to size, run them through the computer printer with our details at the back, then wrap them together with a No. 2 Seed Envelope in a Polyprop bag. They are very popular as they are small & say what they need to say.

Well, I've been promising myself that I WILL get to that box one day, and the other day was the day! These were the results:

That lovely loopy square is one of Nellie Snellen's Die sets - I love it! The marbelled paper is made with the shaving foam technique and the layer paper on the card itself is scrapbook paper left over from a long ago project.

That centre flower is handmade - Paola taught us how :-)
The lovely pearly embellishment is known as Bridal Garland - really improves the card, I think. This card would work well as a Wedding, Engagement or Anniversary Card.

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