Saturday, September 18, 2010

RECONDITIONED CARDS ON SCRAPBOOK PAGES!! you never thought of this?! Read on...

I belong to a lovely group of crafters that always used to meet at Hospice and now meet monthly at a church in Môregloed, Pretoria. We do all sorts of crafts, but with the majority of us being card makers, we tend to do paper crafts more often than not.
It was my turn now in September and way back at the beginning of the year it had been decided that I would teach Scrapbooking. In trying to decide what to do, Desiré said that some of the ladies wanted to do reconditioned cards (see my other post), so I bravely designed a scrapbook page to begin with, having a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do with the cards; this was more of a challenge.

I was thinking of a Serendipity type of approach and hit on the idea of mosaic...take a couple of cards, cut them up randomly, stick them to a panel and voila, a reconditioned scrapbook page! Getting a little complicated, I decided on the width of my outer panel and cut out the centre with a craft knife. I then took a separate A4 white and cut it 21 x 21cm to fit and overlap the hole. I then stuck 2 strips of coloured paper around the edge and randomly glued the gaudy commercial card pieces into place. Then I attached this all to the back of the hole, using many double-sided tape 'plasters' to keep it in place. I would make it simpler next time! Then I stuck sequins in the gaps to compliment the gold on the mosaic.
This page is perfect for the single photo taken at an event back in the old days when we were so 'snoep' (stingy) about using up a spool!

This page just happened: I found this card with an apple and books and thought of doing something similar to the first page, except on a single panel. Then I thought of the many photos from my son's growing up years that need scrapping. (For the un-crafted, that means to scrapbook, not to throw away!!), I have old school photos. Hey! Nice coincidence that the straps of his school bag are also red!

Hmmm...khaki clothes...Creative Memories Journalling Boxes have those kind of colours...and a pack of pre-cut Legacy strips...YES, this page is happening.
Oooh...and I'm sure I had some school type embellishments stashed away somewhere...aha, a mini blackboard & apple embellishments, ruler and calculator buttons...have blackboard, will write on it...white marker...write his full name...oh no, his surname won't fit! But his first name, Grade 1 and year does!
Stamped background - Hero Arts Old French Writing stamp & black dye ink. Sponge and scarlet ink smudged in-between rounds it off nicely. I'm chuffed, hope you like it, too...I'm sure Trev will approve.

Now it's my other son's turn. Over in Canada the school photos are somewhat bigger than the ones done here (or maybe they're similar these days!) and we have a whole lot of pics from Gav's kids. Just wish I'd remembered to write date/year and age! Jeffery, help!!

I've used the same Paperchain stamp I used on the Rhino card in my one previous blog. I learned an interesting way of stamping - do the top row from left to right, then start the second row from right to left so you don't get the same letters underneath each other.
Instead of worrying about mitering the corners of the black frame, I left them long to overlap - and cut them different lengths.
As a final touch and to add a bit of colour, I took an underwater scene painting from a Mouth & Foot Calendar, cut circles from it and stuck them randomly, picking up the colours from Jeff's clothing and the background of the photo.

I saw these very big Disney Christmas Cards in one of my many boxes. I've been collecting old cards forever and some years ago sorted most of them into categories...these were in the box marked Animated Animals. Then I found these two photos taken in the same year when Trev was 4 (1991). It was appropriate to put them with the stamped music background, as the bottom photo was from the Christmas Concert of Tiny Tots Pre-Primary School Trevor attended in Sunnyside when we first moved to Pretoria. It was predominantly Afrikaans and Trev had to learn "Betlehem Stêr", amongst others. My mom & I convulsed in laughter at the emphasis these kids put on certain words, obviously having been coached by the "Juffrou".

The last page in this particular series has been sort of planned for a long time ago in my head. I love cats and am very sad that due to my asthma I may no longer keep one as a pet. But when Trev was little, there were always cats around. These are just 3 of many pics!
A few years ago in Durban we were taken to an amazing shop called Everlastings (it sadly burnt down recently!) that stocked lots of everything including scrapbook goodies. I bought some see-thru stickers featuring cat paws and words...with this page in mind. I couldn't resist these kitty cards & I love the way this page has turned out. I'll probably do an opposite page shortly.

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