Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some More Special Birthday Cards

I found this gorgeous kitty on a Kids Coloring Site that I stumbled across while looking for freebie digital images to colour in! If you colour her coat and tail piece red, she'd easily become a Christmas Kitty, but fake fur isn't only worn in December...especially not here in South Africa!! I made this card for Gillian, a cat-mad friend. In case you're wondering, I coloured everything in with good ol' pencil crayons! I put white Flower Soft on the furry areas.
One of my card making friends, Lizette told me that this is a Bengal Cat - I thought you only got Bengal tigers!! Check out this link!

Gav & I were invited to Glen's 40th Birthday Party yesterday and as Glen is Golf-mad, I decided to make this special card for him. Well he was so chuffed, it was well worth the time and effort :-)

The Golf Bag & Clubs Iris Folding Pattern is also a freebie I found on the net from a company called Circle of Crafters. I added the "40" after the original photo to personalize it even more. I also made the square envelope. All the golf stickers were from Creative Memories.

The rest of the stickers on the inside of the card were added at the party. I had taken them with me in case Glen's wife, Amanda wanted to see what stickers they were. Glen saw the bag and the golf cart & begged me to stick them inside the card, so I decided to make a 'kiddie picture' out of them ;-) Well that made his night!! LOL!!!

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