Monday, October 3, 2011

"Torn Doggy" Card

In July this year, I attended some classes at Margo Middeljans, who also teaches card making, but in a totally different way to me. At the end of the one class, we were given a pack of limited card making goodies & challenged to make a card using those items only. In the pack was thick brown handmade paper, yellow mulberry paper, a skeleton leaf, a few flowers, a wood pencil & some jute. Okay so I didn't use the last two items, but no worries, I made do with the rest.
Earlier that month I'd gone to the Your Family Craft Expo where I'd seen this cute idea of making "Torn Teddies" with the templates supplied in the kit. This was developed by Melanie who has lots of lovely ideas on her website.
So with the addition of a few other things like the googly eyes and tongue and a brad for the flower, I presented my card to Margo. Hmmm...must find out if the others did their 'homework', too!!
I hope you like the skeleton leaf that was changed into a muzzle! I also had to edge the brown pieces of the handmade paper as they were the same colour as the base card.
Just to give you a basic idea, the kit consists of about 8 or so hard plastic shapes and when you look at the key supplied, you can see what belongs to what part of the animal's body. You the lay the templates down on a tearable paper and 'draw' around it with a brush and water, then tear it out then piece it together. It's oh-so-cute!

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This is oh so cute mmm