Monday, October 3, 2011

World Card Making Day - Purple Cards

Saturday 1 October was World Card Making Day, but I left it a little late to inform all the friends, so by the time I finally sent out an e-mail, most of them already had their day planned.
Nevertheless I decided to make it my OWN Card Making Day! By the time hubby came home from being out helping friends with work around their house, I had finished 8 cards. It might not sound a lot, but I felt I'd achieved much!
I recently bought this cute little flower stamp thinking it had great potential...and it does! I have many multi-coloured inkpads from years ago, with their refill inks, and this purply pink one is perfect for these cards. The above card smudged a bit , so I gently dabbed a medicine sponge into the darkest ink colour and carefully 'bounced' it across the image to hide the smudges. I've often seen that people use scrapbook paper scraps on their cards, but I forget about it, so at long last I found time to 'play'.
Because of the smudging of the previous stamped image, I learnt the lesson and clear embossed the rest of the images. This lovely border is a Nellie Snellen die. I must tell you that I laughed so much...after running the die through the Cuttlebug, it has lots of little bits sticking in the various crevaces and they can be loosened from the back by pushing them out with a pin. I got impatient and wacked the die hard against the mini bin to dislodge the pieces and my elderly dog Sheena who had been sleeping woke up with such a start (& a stinky fart!!!) and glared at me as if I'd just initiated World War 3!!! Shame, I forgot she was sensitive to loud noises! But, I mean, it IS MY studio. Needless to say after the second fright, I decided to banish the dogs outside for a while.
This card seems to be everyone's favourite and I guess I'm going to have to incorporate it into a workshop! I stamped the lovely Great Impressions (South Africa) stamp and embossed silver (I need to find more silver embossing powder!) I then extended the swirl by adding another swirl with one of the DoodleEaze stencils bought from Melanie. I 3D'd the layered flower and added a few more flat pearls to finish it off.

This die is part of the set of two in the Nellie Snellen pack. A very simplistic card made more stylish by adding various shades of flat pearls.


Charlie said...

New thought..... u need a laugh, go visit Dale's Blog. lol

Cards are very beautiful !!!

Dale's Crafts said...

LOL Charlie!! Thx...hugs